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“Connect entrepreneurs to a smart digital business platform with financial tools and resources, and provide a companion living and shopping app that can be used anywhere by anyone”

Connect businesses to their environment

Connect small and medium-sized merchants to an extended mobile payment ecosystem.

Guarantee cash-free and homogeneous mobile payments everywhere for all with a single point of access.

Initiate partnerships and synergies with all actors, traders, banks and users.

Provide merchants with world-class operations, loyalty management and analytics tools, and integrate them into a cashless payment ecosystem; via a secure payment processing platform.


«Unlock business growth and give a brighter life to African populations and emerging countries»

Be the leading payment processing and corporate accountability company in Africa and emerging markets. Enlighten the lives of the peoples of Africa and emerging countries.

Enable financial and digital inclusion for economic growth and a better life in Africa and emerging countries.

Help entrepreneurs gain financial credibility and control their destiny in Africa and emerging countries. Go to meet the digital economy, and share its benefits with people in Africa and emerging countries.

Have a positive impact on the financial life of people in Africa and in emerging countries.



Leading with principles | Take responsibility for the result | Lead by example | Being an inspiration | Provide a vision | To hold oneself and others responsible |
To be reliable | Trust and transparency | Be honest | Honoring your commitments
| Do what is right | To be open and authentic | Demonstrate integrity | Create transparency | Speak clearly | Show respect | Good mistakes| Show loyalty| Confronting reality | Practice active listening | Extend trust | Avoid disappointing situations | Integrity.

Services and commitment

Anticipate customer needs | Go beyond expectations | Relationships require effort and compromise | Deliver what you promise | Treat the customer as a partner | Continuous innovation

Leading innovation

Support the latest technology | Provide surveys on digital trends | Train customers | Inspire customers


Adapt to African cultures | Show African roots | Show African pride | Understanding the African way of life | Bring a legacy of strong African culture